My style in 3 outfits



Hello people,

I have this project in my mind since a moment now and I am more than happy to share with you my first post on this page. First I’ll introduce myself a bit for those who don’t know me (of course if you know me just a bit you’ll know that I am a fashion lover, but keep in mind, I’m more on the vintage side). So I am actually doing a break in my studies after graduated for my bachelor and I am living in the west side of Germany. I came back here after my Erasmus year (one year abroad of studies) with the idea of learning more german by doing some random works. But anyway who cares that much ? Why I am doing this blog? First of all I wanted for such a long time a page where I can share my photos, my inspiration and my outfits and I think that a blog is the ideal place where to write! At the beginning I wasn’t motivated at all because you all know, posting every week is not that easy! I can’t promise that I’ll have enough content for you every week but I’ll try my best. I don’t want this introduction to be too long because I dont want to bother you all so let me start with this first post where I’ll show you my style in 3 different outfits.

I really can’t define my style because I don’t have rules in the way I’m styling my clothes. But if I have to describe it in one sentence it will be something like Street Bohemian Chic . Does it mean something? I don’t think so. I am totally mixing everything which makes literally  my own style. VINTAGE , you guys, this is my jam! Going from mom jeans to the shoulder pads and passing by the polka dot dress including a cool pair of red sneakers, that could be totally me! You are going to learn more about me and my personal style here on this blog. Shall we start with the first outfit? Hell yeah!

  1. Garden party

So here we go, the first outfit is colourful, because yes, I am introducing you my love for colours this season. I’ll just stop speaking and put some photos here .



Ok guys, so for this outfit I went for my red denim jacket from Mango, which I totally love because you can style it so easily. I decided to put it together with a floral top from Stradivarius and my forever beloved culotte pants from Bershka. To finish this look I added my Classic turquoise Rebook and my floral fedora hat. Flowers and colours are everywhere this season,so don’t forget to add some in your wardrobe .

2. 1950


I think polka dots is my favourite trend this season, I mean, polka dots have always been on trend but you can see them everywhere in 2018, on the runway, in stores, on instagram, everywhere !  I style this H&M shirt with a pair of white highwasted denim that I thrifted and my favourite shoes at the moment: this pair of colourful Doc Martens. I have always loved Doc Martens, I’ve owend some during the past years but I never found a pair which suits my feed perfectly. But this pair will stay for frever in my wordrobe. Annother thing that I love playing with while dressing up or trying to style clothes are accessories. I wanted this outfit to be more girly so I went for a straw bag which is so so so in trend for the SS 2018! Mine is thrifted but you can find them everywhere, Zara, Mango, Amazon, etc. This bag screams summer! And to finish I put on my vintage western belt.



3. Blazer on

This last outfit is one of my favourite because not only it brings on a vintage vibe but also because this outfit includes a blazer. I have never been a blazer fan but since I’m seeing them all over internet styled in so many different ways I couldn’t resist. You can dress them up or down, whith heels or sneakers, wear them with neutral or vibrant colours,there are tones of different ways to wear them !


I love how this vintage mom jeans fits! And I love to wear them especially with heels, those ones are from Primark, which adds a feminin touch. Under the check blazer I wear a simple black cami from a local store and I also added a black cap from Stradivarius. I totally love this camel boyish look!




I hope you got at least a bit inspired by those outfits and also that you got an idea how my style kinda looks like! I can’t wait to post and share more here  with you! See you next tim,kisses



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