Our trip to Georgia

Hello hello dear readers,

I am finally back today with some travel content. As you might know if you follow me on instagram – if not you know what to do next hihi #omgabs – last week I’ve spent 5 days in Georgia including the capital and two other cities. I was there with my beloved boyfriend Mouâad and I don’t have enough words to describe how this country blew me away with its architecture, culture, music, food and kindness – especially food of course. As I said we traveled for 5 days from Köln direct to Tbilisi,the capital. We booked a room/appartement via Airbnb and it was very pleasant in terms of everything : location, cleanness and comfort. Concerning this post, I don’t want to make it too long so I’ll split it in two parts : the first one will include our first two days, and the last one the rest of the days spent in this stunning caucasian country.


So I’ll start this post wiiiith (tananana) : FOOD. The first day as a typical tourist in Georgia (because I can’t discribe it in another way) started with food, we were exhausted from our trip so we didn’t wake up early enought to eat a breakfast. We decided to get something to eat on the Freedom Square. This place is one of the most frequented place in Tbilisi because of its fancy style with its neo-classical architectural elements and all of the luxury shops. Arrived in front of the Menu, the moment of 25 minutes of what to choose began. I went for the most classical dish in Georgia : the KHACHAPURI, a sort of bread filled with cheese and egs. I am not going to lie, it was delicious but I couldn’t finish it because of the heavy side.


After eating like a true georgian we went to make a very interesting intinerary . We took the fenicular from the Vilnius Square in order to reach the Mtatsminda Mount where we had a very pleasant panorama.



After taking some pictures – I told you we couldn’t be more tourists than we were, I promise you- we went down to the forteress of Tbilisi which is looked after Mother of Georgia – a huge carving of a women holding a cup of wine in one hand and a sword in the other one . The way there was take breathing and full of .. cows, I am not gonna go into details , but I got scared as hell by a cow in the middle of a forest – I know one that is going to laugh while reading this .


Arrived to the Narikala fortress with its alluring ruins we had another beautiful panorama of the city. This fortress is one of the most ancient symbol of Tbilisi’s brilliance.




Our little advenure continues with the Aerial Cable because we both were exhausted of walking -lazy people, right ?- but it wasn’t that bad :). We went directly to the Abanataubani neighborhood, Tbilisi’s historical sulfer bath quarter – where I ruined my silver ring – I really wanted to see this one. Arrived there I didn’t know where to look, everything was so colorful and pleasant to the eye.After walking through this part of the capital it was kinda late so we decided to go home and rest a bit after 20 km of walking – I couldn’t feel my calves for two days.



The second day we went to Signagi ( I struggled to remember this name for almost 3 days – alzheimer problems of Gabi ) , the Georgian east region of Kakheti with stunning picturesque landscapes. We went there by a marshrutka – a mini bus very uncomfortable but very cheap also, if I remember good we paid 6 Lari which is 2 euros for 2 hours of bus. Arrived there we visited the little town in about 3 hours including also eating. To be honest the weather was so bad so we weren’t very happy about the fog which prevented us to see the take breathing panoramas. The city was full of dogs, I mean FULL of dogs. It’s incredible how many pets are abandoned in Georgia – and it’s very bad if you are afraid of dogs, right ? . We had a funny story with a dog who followed us through the half of Tbilisi just because I spoke a bit with him or her, anyway ! My toughts about Signagi were partially good, it’s a very charming and old mountain’s city, but as I said there are not a lot of things to do there.



My first impression about Georgia was that is a really poor country but with so many things to offer that makes it so warm and friendly. I am gonna stop here for today’s post and I’ll tell you more about the rest of our trip in the second part ! So see you very soon – hopefully.

Love, Gabi


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