Spring romance

Bonjour les amis,

Since I have more free time for me now I am trying to post more often over here – this free time will be ending actually very soon. I am sitting here today with my cup of coffee, and some biscuits of course, in order to write you about a very springly girly flowery outfit – it’s incredible how my style can change so fast from winter to spring time – but also to chat a bit about my new inspirations in terms of fashion, even if I am barelly follow what’s on trend.


I got recently this floral jumpsuit from AS U WISH , it’s not a very famous or whatever brand. I just love everything about this jumpsuit, the fit is amazing and in the same time it’s also very breezy. That’s what I love about summer, the fact that you can wear breathable clothes – tells the girl who yesterday bought a winter coat from the thrift shop – and this jumpsuit, I tell you, it’s 100 % breathable. I am very into this flower romantic shabby chic style lately from the french era where womens were classy and passionate – I have a tones of ideas of outfits for the summer including midi skirts, long dresses, hats, heels and alot of girly things, so stay over here if you are interested.


I put together with this outfit a new pair of heels from Zara in a very beautiful pastel colour which emphasizes a very elegant allure. I have never been a heel girl but this spring I am also very inspired by everything which gonna hurt my feet and toes – I m actually waiting for an Ebay order which includes a beautiful platform heels from Marc Jacobs, I can’t wait to style them and show it over here. This trenchcoat is a very old one from Stradivarius, nothing special about it but I love how it went with the jumpsuit and the heels. And to finish the look I went for this straw bag from the thrift shop, that I have already showed you in my first post here.



The shabby chic look is my go to for this hot season. What is shabby? The perfect combination between vintage/antique and new. As you know – I will mention a lot on this blog my love for vintage style and jewlery – I get a lot of inspiration from vintage and antique shops, where I can find pieces that not a lot of people have which makes me feel more unique – because yes, that’s the purpose of dressing in vintage, and yes I hate when I am walking on the street and I see people dressed in the same clothes as I am, and yes I know that for some of you is gross to dress with clothes that have alredy been worn, but to be honest I don’t care,drycleaning shops and wahsing machine exist. All of this to say that you can dress cool and unique from thrift stores – I found recently a long beautiful 30’s inspired lenin dress in .. THE THRIFT STORE for about 10 euros, I mean what the heck, and I am almost sure that if I’ll go at Zara or H&M I won’t be able to find the perfect fit dress that works with my body. Ok,let’s go back to our shabby thing, for me shabby evoques also a feminine touch and I find that the girls from my age don’t dress classy and feminine anymore which breaks my heart because feminin looks are so beautiful and timeless.



I think I talked a lot today but I really hope that you guys can get a bit of inspiration from this post. I also thank those who wrote me nice messages about the fact that I should continue what I started and that they found it cool, it touches me a lot. À plus les amis!

With love,



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