Ladylike and sweet looking pastels

Hey everyone,

I am here today with not many ideas about what I am going to write about but I want to share with you a look that I wear last weekend – I was so sure about the hot weather and that I was going to wear a dress, but look with what I ended up : Jeans ! Oh this pair of lovely mom jeans from Pull and Bear that I wear the whole winter, I can’t wait to put you in the winter closet and never wear you until next year – or at least september. I had a period in my life when I was always in jeans, I have to admit, they are hella comfy, but I can’t really style them anymore – especially the mom jeans. I find that my style changed so much that I have a hard time now finding what to put on with mom jeans. I don’t lie, the regular black skinny jeans will always be in my closet, but I can’t really find a balance between a baggy mom jeans and my current style.


For this outfit I went for the most simple shirt, this one is from H&M. I tought it will be a very business look if I’ll add a blazer, but actually it is very casual with the pink pastel blazer which is originally from Zara but it was found in a thrift shop.


Lately I am so much into brooches and pins. I don’t even remember where I got this one from but I kinda like it to be honest. I think that brooches add a cool vibe to a simple outfit, and it’s gorgeous in the same time. I love looking for accessories in vintage store, so yes, you probably guessed it, this belt is vintage, yee !

Pastels: pink and baby blue, what a perfect combination for spring, isn’t it romantic and chic ? I mean, what spring makes you guys think about? For me spring is  something which fills my mind with sweet smells from flowers, ice cream and pastel colours.


My lovely bag is from Mango, I bought it last season, I don’t find that is a spring type of bag but I don’t really care, I love it and I think it goes with so many outfits. I am impressed that I can wear a bag like this – I am taking the entire house with me when I am going somewhere.

And the last part:  SHOES ! My huge love for shoes will never end. I finally recieved my Marc Jacobs platform sandals . I am totally in love with them and I kinda wore them a bit too much this week to work – people surelly think that I have only a pair of shoes, but let’s be realistic, Gabi, having only a pair of shoes in her closet, never in this life! I love the colour, I love the little star and heart details, those sandals are pure love and I will keep them my entire life – how I wish that they last forever !



I probably didn’t bring you a lot of information, or some inspiration with this post, but I just wanted to share with you this outfit because it inspires me spring and fresh vibes.

We will see each other next time with some chic springly look, until then, I send you a lot of virtual kisses.

Love, Gabi.



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