The black maxi dress and self confidence

Hello lovelies,

First of all I just want to thank you, thank the people who keep reading this blog and who encourage me everyday – special thanks to the man who is behind all of these pictures and inspires me.

Today I am here to introduce you, or to share with you some tips about self confidence and how to find your own style in this world full of critics! – apparently I am a philosopher today, maybe because of all Master’s appplication I have to write, fun right?

In what concerns my outfit, I am wearing the dress of my dreams – and I am not exagerating at all – I totally love everything about this outfit. As I told you in a previous post, I bought this lenin dress in a thriftshop and it fits me like a glove. I am feeling like from another era when I am wearing this elegant buttoned long dress. I choose to style it with a pair of black heels with a big bow in the front, I find them extremly feminine. To dramatize a bit the look I went for a huge hair bun and a red lipstick. My last obsession are belts! I got this vintage one from E-bay and it’s in a perfect condition, should we talk about this colour tough?


Firstly, self confidence concerning clothes it’s not something that you are going to find over the night – I am not an expert but I am telling you what I learnt over the years concerning style and clothes, don’t take me wrong! – you are not going to stop wearing jeans suddenly and start dressing like a princess if all of your life you used to wear jeans – let’s be serious, finding your own style demands a lot of changing and the most important: willingness, dear people, willingness to find your style and to be confortable in your clothes ! Why am I talking about finding your own style? Because without it, you will never be self confident, especially in the clothes that you wear.

As I said, I didn’t find my style in one second, and I still don’t think that I completelly found out in which clothes I am feeling the most comfortable. I went trough very… weirds moments in terms of style in my life – some of which I totally regret– Punk-rock, boho, minimal, you see what I am trying to say here. I was always afraid of people’s reactions and judgements , especially in highschool. But the most precious tip that I can give you, and I know, trust me, that it’s not that easy, is to not care of what people think or say about your style. When you arrived at this point, this point when you are completly careless, is that you are starting to be self confident with the clothes you like to wear. You would like to wear a plastic bag on your head, then do it – I will preferable not suggest you to do this – but what I want to say here is that you will have to take some courage and be yourself no matter what X or Y have to say about you.


Secondly, I would like just to minimalize some ways in order to create or to find or just to change – if you want to have more a girly look than a boyish one – your style. Let’s take some things in a logical way. You can’t decide if you like long dresses or baggy jeans. Then, question yourself in which of these two items you are feeling good and most of all yourself. As I told you, you can’t do miracles in one day, but try at least to get inspired. if you find that something is missing from your style, then get some inspiration from internet. Find some celebrities, fashion bloggers, artists, who your little heart wants, and start scrolling in her/his pictures in order to campare her/his style with yours and pick things up! You are free to find your style however you want. Try to get inspiration from everywhere. It’s srping time, in my case, I am more inspired in spring time than in winter, and I finally discovered the type of dresses and skirts that match perfectly with my body: maxi and midi. I used to like maxi skirts or dresses since a long time, but I’ve always been afraid to wear them because of the lenght. I arrived at the point where I am focusing more on clothes that I am feeling good in and that kind of clothes which give to my body the perfect shape. You can also do lists, for example: I like shirts, caps, boots and baggy jeans, I feel confortable in pink and green – it’s just a silly example, but no offense, I also like pink (: – I really don’t know if everything I am saying here makes sense to you, but I really hope it does!




Anoher precious tip is to clean your closet – c’mon girl you will never wear that shirt again – so get rid of it! Keeping tones of clothes in your wordrobe is not going to help you out. Be cruel, without pity, and throw away* silly things that you know inside your soul that you’ll never wear again – okay okay… I am also keeping some things that I know I shouldn’t, but it’s hard.

*when I am saying to throw your clothes away is not to let them in the middle of the street, no, no. It means going for a ride to your local thrift store, or give it to your sister, mother or friend.

Your style reflects your personality, so feel free to create your own style with the clothes that you love 🙂

See you next time,

Love, Gabi




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