Trendy while wearing vintage

I suppose that everyone think that vintage pieces make you untrendy and insipid. You can wear vintage clothing with abit of inspiration – let’s go back in the 60’s or 70’s ! Girls, you can be super trendy and stylish with vintage clothes. I would like to share with you some principal rules that I am always using when I want to wear vintage – ok, almost all the time, because half of my closet is full with vintage or trifted pieces – but first let me describe you my outfit, that I wear some weekends ago in Dresden!




I finally got to put on this charming, eye catching, delicate colorful cloche skirt. They become slowly one of my favourite pieces to wear in summer – but not only, cloche skirts or if you want midi skirts can also be wearable in the winter time, with a black pair of knee boots, me gusta !  I bought this one from the chinese website Choices and surprisingly the quality of this skirt is remarquable – I’ll be honest, I ordered 3 cloche skirts but only one fits me, so I’ll never order again from them, this order was like a test to confirm to myself that everyone else is right concerning this website, or any chinese websites. I highly don’t recommande! But I got lucky and one of the 3 fits me very well and I adore the print and also the fact that it has a lot of fabric – which makes it super fluffy ! I styled this skirt with a simple black top that I don’t even remember from where I got it. I prefer wearing slight tops with midi skirts because it gives a very beautiful shape to the body – it’s all about proportions 😉 . Usually I would rather go for heels or platform sandals with these kind of skirts put I put on a very beautiful loafers because of some terms of comfort – I prefer to wear flat shoes when I have to walk the entire day. The last thing that I wanted to highlight is this super cute clutch bag – I am not sure about the name of this kind of bag, tell me please if I am wrong .  So as you can see I chose to include to this outfit a vintage piece which gives a very unique look. Meanwhile I don’t find that I look like a grandma !


Rule number 1 : Don’t wear a full vintage outfit

Play with your weardrobe, choose modern pieces that you can put together with vintage ones. For example if you wear a vintage button up polka doots shirt with a huge bow around the neck – It’s actually what I am wearing right now – don’t go for a vintage long skirt together with Mary Jane heels, please no, you’d look like coming out from your grandma closet! Go rather for a modern skinny jeans and a pair of platform sandals, it will look much better!

Rule number 2 : Play with propotions

I am thinking about those 80’s blazers with very pronounced shoulder pats and marked waist. In my opinion I’ll not wear this kind of blazer with a long thight skirt but rather with a skinny jeans and a pair of heels together with a very fancy bag.

Rule number 3 : The Make up

I find that make up can also change a look, so be careful how you put it together with your outfit. If you want to look modern but in the same time you would also like to have some vintage vibes, you’d have to be careful not to fall into a complete vintage look. If I want to wear a red lipstick and cat eye makeup together with a hair bun, I’ll surelly won’t go for a 70’s dress and balerins. I would choose a pair of cigarette pants marked at the waist with a big vintage belt, a floral top, high basic heels and you are ready to go !

That would be my top 3 rules in order not to look like an old lady while wearing vintage. I hope it was helpful and I am waiting you here for the next post.


Huge kisses






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