Living abroad

I’ve been waiting for such a long time these high temperatures – since it started to be super cold in Germany, yes, I’ve been waiting for you for almost 6 months, summer. Now, as you can see in these pictures which were taken by my loved one, I am more than ready to face the days of heat waves that do literally not exist in Osnabrück. I couldn’t also wait for the long walks in parks full of flowers, the smell of coffee in the early morning, big straw hats and raffia’s sandals – I couldn’t also wait to plant the vegetables which are growing up in the flat for a while now, and how can I stay quiet about my new passion: water the plants with a watering can, yes, it’s weird.


Okay, besides watering the plants and planting them in the garden, we also went for a walk in a quite famous place in Osnabrück, Rubbenbruchsee, everyone living in this city knows what I am talking about, a huge lake surrounded by a vast forest with paths for walking. Just before going for this walk, I went in the city center in order to buy this super cool straw hat that I am already loving so much – such a shame I can’t wear it everywhere because I would have been able to take it even to the office and wear it the whole day long, the longer it is the better J. I am so into straw, it doesn’t matter if it’s bags, hats or shoes, I am really digging this trend, even if I am not really following what’s really going on in fashion’s world, if I like it, I buy it, and that’s my philosophy. It’s been maybe some years now that I am hunting these kind of accessories and what I love this season, it’s the fact that we can find them everywhere. I styled it with a linen top which I find so flattering with skirts , that I bought from Zara some weeks ago. Midi skirts are also a go for this season, I was trying to make work this vintage skirt together with my new Aldo bag, because of course, of the pastel colors. I loved the final result of the look with these platform sandals that I have for some years now, and we are ready to go ! – or to plant some vegetables in the garden, as you want hehe 😉 .



Today, I would like to share with you, something that is very important for me, some opinions that I have concerning life abroad. As you might know, the last 2 years and a half were the most challenging years for me in terms of personal and professional career.  I moved out from home, from living with my parents, I went away from dinners ready every time I was coming back from Uni, from clothes always washed on time, I literally ‘walked’ into an adult kind of like world. I moved to Germany, to the most rainy part of Germany – I am still wondering sometimes what was in my mind when I decided to go and study for a year in a place where the weather is worse than everywhere else – more precisely in Osnabrück, a big small city as I like to call it. Even if the weather is not my favorite one, I still find my place here – yes, as you know I am sill here. After one international partying no sleep nights year, with very up and down moments , I decided to follow my boyfriend and come back – and maybe one of the best decisions of my life so far – and to find a job where I can learn German and earn some money. Actually my plan was completely different but you know, life is very beautiful and can give you some opportunities that can change your vision of it in so many ways. I am not going to go into work details, it’s not my purpose today, maybe in another post, because yes I had two jobs so far which pleased me more or less. This two years experience changed me so much, even if there was a huge difference between the first year spent here and the second one. I’ve seen places, I’ve met bad and very good people with whom I am still in contact, I’ve lost contact with people that I tough they’re always be my friends. I learnt more than I could learn in maybe 3 years spent in France. I learnt how to say no – for me it’s maybe the most important thing that I list here. I am feeling more confident in everything I am doing. I can’t be more grateful of what is happening in my life right know and of changes that those two year brought me –  I am also thankful to the beautiful  person that entered in my life – my entire life turned 180 degrees since I moved to Germany.



If I have to give you an advice, I would say to take every opportunity that life is offering you, be curious and go on a trip. Discover new things that will bring you something positive in your life. Go study abroad if you have the opportunity, or otherwise, look for a job in a distant country. Learn a new language, get to know new people, and leave negative ones behind, somewhere in the past. Think positive and you will only have positive around you. Smile when you think everything is lost, and you will see that you are wrong. If someone is judging you, smile at them and continue on your path. You’ll think that all those things have anything to do with the fact of living abroad, but I assure you that it does, you’ll better know yourself J .

I know it is not obvious for everyone, you don’t pack and decide to move abroad in one second, but at least take your time to think about it. Or if you are not interested in going away for such a long time, save some money and travel more. You can travel for very cheap to amazing places. Be interested in knowing people and choose people who can bring you something new and I promise you, that in this way, you’ll see life at least a bit different.

I hope you liked this post which was a bit different, but I love to introduce new topics on my blog, and I find that this one can give you some ideas, or can at least make you see some things in a different and maybe positive way. Thank you for reading and until next time.

Huge Kisses



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