White dress

It’s such a beautiful sunny day today, the weather is warming up day by day and I can’t be more happy. I am more motivated to wake up early in the morning and go to work – but what am I talking about, why you want to give a good image of you to people, you lazy ass who likes to sleep – I am in a good mood – because yes my mood depends on the weather outside, imagine how I am in the winter time, you better no talk to me ha ha – I basically see things differently. Because of this I am also taking advantage of the warm days in order to go for super long walks in the old city of Osnabrück. Yes, that’s where the shooting took place. I find this place perfect for some good summer photos with some romantico-classico-vintage(o)-whatever(o) vibes, that I am looooving – yes with 5 o – this period of the year.


I’ve got recently a, how can I say, extremely, massive, cosmic obsession with dresses. I am actually waiting for a Boohoo order which includes 4 beautiful summer and elegant dresses that I am so impatient to wear. You know that moment when you order something online and every time you hear the doorbell you jump out of your cozy bed so that you can be downstairs in one second, but Gabi, you ordered them yesterday, you still have to wait a bit – that’s the story of my life, and I realized I speak to myself at the 3rd person, eh who cares . All of this just to say that I love dresses and I want them all, from every store that exists, in every color and shape if it’s possible, thanks.


I wanted this look to scream summer romance, it’s exactly what this dress represents – even though it’s quite big for me, because hey, you might guessed, I bought it in a thrift shop, and at the thrift shop you can’t really choose your size, but I don’t really care I can always get it hammed – white dresses are the most feminine type of clothes that can exist. I can’t say from which year this one is, but when I bought it, it wasn’t in a very good condition – I took care to solve quickly this problem – so in my opinion it has some very good years behind. To make it a little tighter on me I put a huge vintage red Escada belt, also thrifted, on the waist, and I love how it looks like. I am in love with the embroidered details on the bottom on this dress.



Now that I finished describing THE statement piece of this look, I want to speak a bit about accessories, especially about this bag, oh my sweet bag, how much I love you. Maybe it’s just me the one that finds this bag absolutely gorgeous, it has something that reminds me of Moschino. Okay, so I went last week in a total different thrift shop in another part of the city, full of useless things, but, if you search a bit you can find some treasures. In the moment I entered in the clothing area my eye caught this bag sitting alone in a corner waiting for me, screaming my name, begging me to take it home. As soon as I saw it my brain was telling me: It can be a Moschino vintage bag! Because of the broidered hearts and the soft leather. I was looking inside the bag, outside, in the pockets, on the handles, everywhere I could find the brand of the bag, but it was in vain. This bag had any inscription or brand on it. But to be honest, I didn’t care that much, this bag is more than perfection, it is so original and totally in my style. It is in a perfect condition regarding the oldness – you can tell it of course by the style that it is quite old.


To add a bit of color to the outfit I styled the white dress with my new red raffia sandals. I spotted them a long time ago – maybe 3 weeks ago – direct in the shop, Pimkie shop – I tried them on but they didn’t convince me. Some days ago I was on Asos website and I saw those sandals, Asos sells also Pimkie products. I was thinking for a moment, should I order them? I was sure they didn’t have them anymore in the shop. But guess what, I went to Pimkie and they were still there – then, they went home with mama !



To conclude: The good weather makes me feel good, I am waiting for a Boohoo order, I have too many shoes, I love dresses, I still have too many shoes, I found a perfect bag for only 4 euros, Gabi stop buying shoes even if they are made of raffia – another hidden conclusion – I love raffia, and I think that this post was the most useless of all the time but I needed to share with you my last acquisitions – or obsessions if you want, that’s okay for me, I’ve been called a lot of times a clothes obsessed girl, I got use to the term ha ha.







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